Tamara Maksymenko „Take the next step“

The project „Take the next step“ relates to the monthly intensive workshop of contact and solo improvisation with Tamara Maksymenko for the 2019-2020 year in Innsbruck/Austria. The idea is to make a kind of contact performance with participants in May 2020.

Till that time every month one full weekend we will dedicate to explore the different hues of contemporary solo and contact improvisation patterns, somatic work and performative tasks to switch on our attention and creativity.

– Workshops will be open for all levels of dance experience: from beginners to experienced!
– Children from 9 years old with dance experience are welcome!
– Adults till 100 years old without or with dance experience are welcome!
– Workshops do not oblige to perform in May 2020!

Tamara Maksymenko
Is professional dancer, choreographer and a teacher of contact improvisation and contemporary dance for 13 years already.
…full bio is on the mmdt.at website page. You are welcome!

First session will take place
– in Innsbruck, Yoga Loft studio
Sebastian-Kneipp-Weg 17
– 21st and 22nd of September
21st, Saturday 11:00-16:00 (with a brake and small jam)
22nd, Sunday 13:00-18:00

Price till 15th of September
whole weekend (10 hours) – 90 euro
one day (5 hours) – 45 euro
2,5 h – 25 euro

Price after 15th of September
whole weekend (10 hours) – 120 euro
one day (5 hours) – 60 euro
2,5 h – 32 euro

If you have any kind of money issue, please write it in registration mail. We are flexible to consider discount!

Registration is obligatory!!!  Not more than 10 participants!   motion.mode.theatre@gmail.com – write please here.
+4367763027506 any questions