Contact meets Tango- CANCELED

 Dear friends, colleagues, and lovers of dance! I’m very much happy to announce one interesting event we organize. That is „CONTACT MEETS TANGO“.
   Two Worlds, of proud tango and liquid contact dance, will meet together in the same dancing floor guiding by charismatic and high level experienced teacher, Raffaele Rufo (Italy-Australia). We will learn from each of us, creating the most beautiful, gentle and open-mind dance ever. The fusion of technics will make your body language richer and let us find new breathtaking moments.   

Raffaele has a ten-year experience as Argentine tango dancer, teacher and performer in Milan and Melbourne. His current practice explores the somatic foundations of “liquid lead dancing” by engaging the creative and counter-cultural spaces emerging between tango, contact and contemporary dance improvisation. In 2020 he was awarded a PhD in dance and performance by Deakin University (Australia). His PhD research explores touch in tango by developing an experiential framework for kinesthetic listening which supports the contamination with other improvisational dance modes in original and rigorous ways. In 2018 he taught at the International Contact Tango Festival in Wuppertal (Germany) where he will co-facilitate the 2020 teachers gathering.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOPS: CONTACT MEETS TANGO: STRETCHING YOUR COMFORT ZONEThese workshops are designed for contact improvisation and tango dancers and for movers more in general. The aim is to help extend your movement vocabulary and discover new possibilities in your dance. Rather than offering a tango class, we will explore some key elements of the tango duet using somatic and improvisation methods of movement inquiry which are typical of contact improvisation. The workshops engage touch as a medium to access the unique kinesthetic-affective space of intimacy and playfulness emerging in tango without having to replicate the external form and the gendered-based lead and follow roles of the traditional tango duet. In particular, this is an opportunity to re-engage the ways in which you feel and relate with two parts of your and your partner’s body that constitute the heart of the experience of dancing tango: the chest and the legs. All detail information is below. Please if you are interested, follow the registration form and fill it up. Pay, please, the attention that price will be increased.

Saturday 21 March 2020Innsbruck/Austria
Street Motion Studio

12:00-14:30 CONTACT MEETS TANGO #1
Dancing contact as a tango duet: finding pleasure in the intimacy of the chest

15:00-17:30 CONTACT MEETS TANGO #2
Responsive legs in the contact duet: experimenting with tango movement vocabulary

19:00-23:00 JAMILONGA
With the introduction to liquid lead tango and „neomilonga“ DJing 19:00-20:00

PRICE Early birds (till March,1st)The whole day – 80 euroOne session – 45 euroJAMilonga – 8 euro*** *** ***PRICE (March, 1st – 21st)The whole day – 100 euroOne session – 60 euroJAMilonga – 10 euro*** *** ****Registration is obligatory*Discounts for travellers from abroad*Prepayment is 50% of the price info: Tamara Maksymenko Mobile +4367763027506 Email: P.S. I will be happy to see you there. For me, it’s very much new experience and I’m exciting how it will be! Hug you all and let’s dance.Your Tamara Maksymenko 💚